NZIQS Expert Witness Register

The NZIQS Expert Witness Register is a list of NZIQS members who have satisfied NZIQS that they have the specific knowledge and experience to act as an Expert Witness.

The Expert Witness Register is available for lawyers, the courts or the public to find suitably qualified and experienced NZIQS members to assist in litigation or other courts/tribunal proceedings.

Inclusion on the Expert Witness Register does not provide a guarantee of competence or experience, and NZIQS will not be held liable to any party for any loss or injury arising from the engagement of Register members (refer to the Disclaimer published on the Register).  The Register is a list of members that have satisfied NZIQS criteria for inclusion.

Exclusion from the Register does not exclude an NZIQS member from acting as an Expert Witness.

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Expert Witness Criteria

Members on the NZIQS Expert Witness Register have met the following criteria:

  • NZIQS Registered Quantity Surveyor
  • Minimum ten (10) years' general experience as a quantity surveyor
  • Passed NZIQS Online Code of Conduct test
  • Appropriate experience as an Expert Witness
  • Passed Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Academy "Expert Witness" course
  • Read Schedule 4 to the High Court Rules


Apply to be on the NZIQS Expert Witness Register

If you would like to be listed on the Expert Witness Register, download the Application Form

Members who are not currently a registered Quantity Surveyor may apply for appointment to the Expert Witness Register if they also submit a Registered Quantity Surveyor Application