NZIQS Competency Programme


The NZIQS Competency Programme has been developed to provide a clear and consistent framework for professional development, enabling members to build the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers and meet the industry’s evolving demands.

The NZIQS Competency Programme is designed to support quantity surveyors at all levels of their careers, from entry-level to senior practitioners. It is built on a foundation of relevant competencies, including technical knowledge, interpersonal and business skills, and professional ethics. The programme has been developed in consultation with industry practitioners, ensuring that it reflects best practice in the field and is responsive to the changing needs of the industry. It provides a clear pathway for career progression, allowing quantity surveyors to develop their skills and knowledge in a structured and measurable way.

The programme is an important step towards achieving professional recognition as a full member (MNZIQS), and NZIQS will provide a range of resources and support mechanisms, including professional development events, mentorship opportunities and competency assessment records.

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NZIQS Competency Standards
Competency Assessment Records
Career Development Pathway
Mentoring Programme
MNZIQS Application and Interview

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Watch the Competencies Webinar to learn more about how the programme works

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NZIQS Competency Standards

Competency is the ability to apply skills and knowledge to perform the activities of a job to a demonstrated defined standard for that occupation.

The NZIQZ Competency Standards define the areas of core competencies required to ensure that members are capable and competent to act on the broad range of expertise necessary for quantity surveying roles. They provide measurable benchmarks which allow the assessment of an individual’s competency.

This program is designed for Student, Affiliate or Graduate members of the NZIQS to support their learning and skills development. It should be completed prior to application for MNZIQS. It is expected that it will take 2-3 years to complete the competencies program.

There are 6 Core Competency Elements that cover the essential skills of a quantity surveyor:

1.       Soft Skills

2.       Basic Skills and Knowledge

3.       Construction Methodology and Technology

4.       Design Advice, Cost Planning and Cost Engineering

5.       Procurement and Contract Documentation

6.       Contract Administration and Reporting

Within each Element, there are several Topics relevant to that Element.

In addition, Specialist competencies may be acquired due to the specialised nature of employment or on a project. These are voluntary.

See the full list of the NZIQS Competency Standards

Competency Assessment Records

Use the Competency Assessment Records to track your progress through the Competency Standards. Employers may also find the Assessment Records useful for developing a training programme and supporting employees in achieving the required Competency Standards. Here's how:

Competency Assessment Summary

Ask your supervisor to sign off your level of knowledge/competency for each Topic as you complete it on the Competency Assessment Summary. List the projects you worked on to achieve the competencies. The Competency Assessment Summary is a live document that is to be signed by the person who witnesses you gaining an understanding of each topic. This should be at the same time that the relevant Topic Assessment Record is signed.

The Assessment Records can be used as a self-assessment tool to evaluate your knowledge and experience for each competency as you work towards applying for MNZIQS.

Competency Standards Assessment Summary (interactive)

Competency Standards Assessment Summary (print version)

Topic Assessment Record

Complete this record as you gain knowledge of each Topic with your supervisor.

The Topic Assessment should be signed by the person who witnesses you gaining an understanding of the topic.

Competency Topic Assessment Record (interactive)

Competency Topic Assessment Record (print version)

Element Assessment Record

Once you have completed all the Topics within an Element, you will meet with either your manager (if they are MNZIQS or higher membership grade) or your MNZIQS mentor to complete an Element Assessment. The Element Assessment must be signed off by an MNZIQS (or higher membership).

Competency Element Assessment Record (interactive)

Competency Element Assessment Record (print version)

Knowledge Levels

There are three levels of knowledge assessment depending on your career level and experience with the topic.


Career Development Pathway

The Career Development Pathway serves as a roadmap for members to navigate the various stages of their careers and identifies learning needs to support their progression.

The Career Development Pathway also provides a guide for relevant professional development events by NZIQS for its members. Additionally, companies can utilise the Pathway to structure effective training programs for their staff.

QS Career Development Pathway

Mentoring Programme

You may have NZIQS members in your company who can assist you in your professional development and validate your competency assessments. However, if this is not the case, the QSEP committee in your area will be hosting mentoring events and can assist you in finding a local MNZIQS mentor to guide you through the assessment process.

NZIQS Competencies Mentoring Information

MNZIQS Application and Interview

To apply for MNZIQS membership, candidates should demonstrate their ability to meet the performance criteria for each of the Core Competency Elements.

The Membership Committee can use the Competency Assessment Summary to determine if you have the necessary quantity surveying experience to meet the requirements for MNZIQS. It also provides the MNZIQS Interview panel with an overall picture of your knowledge and experience.

For the first 2 years after the introduction of the NZIQS Competency Programme, i.e., until June 2025, submitting the Competency Assessment Summary with your MNZIQS membership application is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Read the MNZIQS Candidates Guide to learn more about the criteria for MNZIQS, prerequisites required before applying, and the application process.

MNZIQS Candidates Guide

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