Contract QS Consultancy Services


A new NZIQS Contract for Quantity Surveying Professional Consultancy Services (NZIQS CQSCS) is now available to replace the previous NZIQS Conditions of Engagement.  It is recommended for use by NZIQS members when contracting to provide QS services.

The NZIQS CQSCS covers the provisions required under the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015.  The contract clearly sets out the information required for the contract such as parties, the scope of services. timing, fee, insurance cover, any special contract terms, a detailed description of services, programme and fee breakdown.

Standard clauses cover the Client's and QS's obligations, communications, time obligations, payment, variations to services, liability and insurance, confidentiality, intellectual property, termination and disagreements process.

Use of the NZIQS CQSCS

Members may  not use the NZIQS branding for any contract where the Contract Terms (Part 2) are modified.

NZIQS members can download the CQSCS as a fillable PDF from the 'Member Only Forms and Documents' section of the website:  You will need to login to the website to access this page.

Description of services

Appendix I has examples of services that can be cut and paste to describe the services a QS is providing in section 3.2 (a).  Please remove this Appendix on page 9 before sending the contract to the client.

Clear English Standard Award


The NZIQS CQSCS has been awarded a Clear English Standard award from the Plain English Commission in the UK, which means it uses clear and concise communication.


NZIQS acknowledges the contributions of the following members and organisations in developing the NZIQS CQSCS:

Dr. Noushad Ali Naseem Ameer Ali, MNZIQS, Reg QS (Editor)                                                                                                                                                                                                     Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology,                                                                                                                                                            Massey University

David Finnie, MNZIQS

Nicholas Lambert, MNZIQS

Peter Degerholm, FNZIQS, Reg QS

Paul O'Brien, FNZIQS, Reg QS

Paul Bunkall, Life Member, Reg QS

Arie Moore, Reflective Law, LLB

Brendan Cash, Kensington Swan, LLB (Hons)

Sonia Ginders, Kensington Swan, LLB