Our Branches

NZIQS has branches in Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago.  Local committees also organise activities in other areas throughout New Zealand.

The role of the branches is to:

  • organise local seminars, site visits and social functions
  • liaise with other industry groups in their area. 
  • arrange for interviews for new MNZIQS members in their areas
  • organise mentoring schemes for students
  • appoint a board member to represent them at the Institute’s Council

Each branch is run by a board of members. They are elected at the Branch Board AGM each year.


The Auckland branch covers the areas north of and including Rotorua and Whakatane. Local committees organise events in Hamilton and Tauranga.

Auckland Branch Chairman: Heidi van Eeden

Auckland Branch Secretary: Sam Steven

Waikato Contact: Anita Crowe

Tauranga Contact: Martin Bisset



AGM Tuesday 9 April, 5.30 pm, Birdcage Bar & Restaurant, 133 Franklin Road, Freemans Bay

2019 Auckland AGM Agenda 

2019 Auckland Branch Board Nomination Form - due 2 April 2019

2019 Auckland Proxy form - due 7 April 2019


The Wellington branch covers the rest of the North Island. Local committees organise events in the Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North and New Plymouth. 

Wellington Branch Chairman: Brent Jefferys

Wellington Branch Secretary: Stephen Cummings

Hawkes Bay Contact: Elwin Sharp

Palmerston North Contact: Tony Nicholls

New Plymouth Contact: Cole Wenmoth



AGM Thursday 4 April, 5.30 pm, Beca, Molesworth Street, Wellington

2019 Wellington AGM Agenda

2019 Wellington Branch Board Nomination Form - due 28 March 2019

2019 Wellington AGM Proxy Form - due 2 April 2019


The Canterbury branch covers the area from Cook Strait in the north to the Waitaki River in the south.  A local committee organises events in Nelson.

Canterbury Branch Chairman: Stewart Harrison

Canterbury Branch Secretary: Chris Andis

Nelson Contact: Rua Sargent



AGM Tuesday 16 April, 5.30 pm, Visions on Campus Restaurant, Ara

2019 Canterbury AGM Agenda

2019 Canterbury Branch Board Nomination Form - due 09 April 2019

2019 Canterbury AGM Proxy Form - due 14 April



The Otago branch covers the area south of the Waitaki River.  Local committees organise events in Dunedin, Queenstown and Invercargill.

Otago Branch Chairman: James Young

Otago Branch Secretary: Zach Pronk

Queenstown Contact: Neil Gough

Invercargill Contact: Richard Smith



AGM Friday 5 April, 12 noon,Rawlinsons office, Dunedin

2019 Otago Agenda

2019 Otago Branch Board Nomination Form - due 29 March 2019

2019 Otago AGM Proxy Form - due 3 April 2019