Our People

The NZIQS office is run by a Chief Executive Officer and support staff, based in Wellington. 

MIKE EVANS Chief Executive Officer Mike is responsible for the general running of the institute, its budget, and programmes. Please contact for all media enquiries.


MELANIE BARKER Communications Manager Mel is in charge of the Mark-Up newsletter, website content, social media, webinars, and members App.


LANA MIKHALCHUK Membership Manager
Lana takes care of administering membership as well as handling the website.


KIRSTEN PORTER Accounts Manager Kirsten looks after our accounting functions, as well as the NZIQS publication orders.


Rowen Watson Member Services Administrator Rowen takes care of membership queries, and assists with membership applications.


Contact Us

  Phone (Local):  04 473 5521

  Free Phone: 0800  469 477

Email: membership@nziqs.co.nz or accounts@nziqs.co.nz

Office address:  Level 8, 108 The Terrace (BERL House), Wellington, 6011

Postal Address: P O Box 10469, Wellington, 6140

The NZIQS is governed by a Board. The Board is made up of a President and Vice-President who are elected every 2 years by members, and one representative appointed from each branch. The Past-President is also a member of the Board.

List of NZIQS Presidents 1978 -2023

List of QSINZ and BSI Presidents 1960 - 1978

Board members - 2023 to 2024


Elwin SharpFNZIQS, Reg QS


Stuart WatsonMNZIQS, Reg QS


Martin BissetFNZIQS, REG QS


Auckland Board Member


Bevan HartleyFNZIQS, reg qs
Wellington Board Member


Stewart HarrisonFNZIQS, Reg QS
Canterbury Board Member


Craig MastersFNZIQS, Reg QS
Otago Board Member


Kelsey TelfordMNZIQS
Regional Board Member


Therese FisherNZIQS (Affil)
QSEP Representative


Murray Kilty 1988*
Colin Toomey 1990*
Kenneth Holmes 1990*
Alexander Dickson 1992*
William George 1996
Delvin Hogg 1998
James Green 1999*
Peter McKay 2000*
Nook Ebert 2001*
George Douglas 2004
Peter Kingston 2005*
Paul Maynard 2009
Ian Harrison 2010
Theo Marlow 2012
Gordon Cairney 2013
David Main 2014*
Steven Flanders 2016
Lloyd Reddington 2016
Paul Bunkall 2016
Catherine Giddens 2016
Chris Sutherland 2017
Phillippa Goodman - Jones 2018
Alan Muxlow 2018
Steven Craig 2018
Paul Williams 2018
Barry Possenniskie 2019
Julian Mace 2019
Peter Degerholm 2019
Brian Nightingale 2019
Tony Sutherland 2019
David Morriss 2019
Keith Power 2019
Brian Dackers 2019
Graham White 2019
Bruce Glennie 2020
Mark Burrows 2020
Simon Barnes 2020
Sean McKeown 2020*
Ciaran Corrigan 2021
Hugh Mackenzie 2021
Tony Grimaldi 2021
Peter Eggleton 2021
Christopher Prigg 2022
John Russell 2022
Matthew Ensoll 2023