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WELLINGTON: Stepping up to ’23 – A one-day NZS 3910 Introductory workshop


Rydges Wellington Airport




8:30 AM


NZS 3910:2023 was published on 28 November 2023, and will progressively come into use from mid-2024 on new contracts.


A key feature is the replacement of the ‘dual role’ of the Engineer with the separate roles of Contract Administrator and Independent Certifier. However, there are many more changes that provide greater clarity of risk allocation, responsibilities and process, and provide a more collaborative contractual environment.

This ‘Stepping Up’ workshop outlines what has changed, why, and how the revised contract works. It is intended for people familiar with NZS 3910:2013, to raise awareness of its features and benefits, to encourage industry to transition to this exciting new development, and to provide an opportunity to explore the issues in making that transition. It is relevant to all involved in construction contracts including Principals, Contractors, Engineers and Engineer’s Representatives, lawyers and construction consultants.

The workshop is presented by Peter Degerholm, Registered Quantity Surveyor and NZIQS Life Member. Peter is a Wanaka-based construction contracts specialist and dispute resolution specialist, adjudicator, arbitrator, mediator, and expert witness. He was a committee member for NZS 3915:2005, NZS 3910:2013, NZS 3916:2013 and NZS 3917:2013 and NZS 3910:2023, and over the past decade he has delivered numerous NZS 391x workshops nationally. The focus of his workshops in 2024 is will be on facilitating a transition to the new revision.



Workshop content - Download guide 

The first two parts of the workshop explore the background and objectives of the change and how the new contract administration structure works. Part 3 steps through the revised processes such as payments, variations and extensions of time, and considerations in adopting the 2023 edition.

Part 1: The Big Picture – evolution or revolution?

1.       Background to the revised standard

2.       Overview of key changes NZS 3910:2023

3.       “The Engineer” is gone – a paradigm shift in contract administration

Part 2: Significant Changes in 3910:2023

1.       Decision-making and challenges to Decisions

2.       Early warning, timeframes and deadlines

3.       Section 13 – dispute resolution 

4.       Overview of changes throughout

Part 3: Detailed review of key processes

1.       Section 9 – Variations and Final Account

2.       Section 12 – payments and retentions

3.       Section 10 – time for completion, EOT, liquidated damages

4.       Transition to the 2023 edition


Users will be provided with a comprehensive Stepping Up booklet summarising the workshop content and for note-taking, and will have access to reference copies of NZS 3910:2023 on the day.