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Fees for being a member of New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors - NZIQS

Most members, living in New Zealand or overseas, pay a fee once a year to continue being a member of NZIQS. 

Members who pay no yearly membership fees are:

  • students who are studying quantity surveying full-time in New Zealand
  • Life Members
  • Honorary Members

Read details about each kind of membership

The yearly membership fees for all classes of membership are set out in the table below. 

GST on membership fees

Fees for New Zealand members include GST. International members do not pay GST. 

   New Zealand Fees (incl GST)  International Fees  (No GST)
 Fellow/Member/Associate $530 $345
 Affiliate $325 $260 
 Graduate $325 $260
 Student Member $80 $65
Student Member
(For over 10 Years)
$325 $260
Student Member
(Studying Full-time)
Free N/A - for NZ students only
Retired Member $85 $65


We no longer accept new Associate members

The Associate member fee only applies to existing members who are Associates. The NZIQS no longer admits new members as Associates. 

Career Break Policy

If you take leave from work for at least 6 months, then you can apply for a reduction in your membership fees.

Your career break may be for parental leave, or you might be taking care of your own, or family member’s health. You may be unemployed, gone back to studying full-time, doing voluntary work overseas or in other circumstances that we may consider.

While you are on a career break, you’ll receive all your usual membership benefits to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the profession, such as receiving newsletters, attending events at reduced member rates, using the Member Benefit App and login access to the website.

Read the NZIQS Career Break Policy for more information and how to apply.