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Applying for NZIQS International Membership

Immigrating to NZ

Studying QS Overseas

International Student Membership Fees

Moving overseas

People engaged in quantity surveying work and living overseas may apply to become a member of NZIQS, However unless you have had 12 months’ relevant work experience in NZ the highest membership grade you can apply for is Student membership.


Immigrating to NZ

If you have applied, or are applying, for a visa to work in NZ the NZ Immigration website has information on visas:

Immigration Skill Shortage Lists

Quantity Surveyors are listed in the following Skill Shortage list for NZ visas. For more information see: :

1.       List of Skilled Occupations

2.       Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL)

The required standard under the LTSSL is one of the following:

- A bachelor's degree at NZQF Level 7, or a higher qualification with the minimum equivalent of 360 credits, which includes the requirements of a New Zealand major in quantity surveying or construction economics


- Student or Affiliate Membership, or MNZIQS, of the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (with an overseas degree approved by NZIQS)

AND a minimum of three years’ relevant post-qualification work experience

Membership of NZIQS

If you wish to apply for membership of NZIQS please apply online under the Student membership. Unless you have had 12 months' relevant work experience in New Zealand  the highest membership grade you can apply for is Student membership.

Membership applications are normally approved every 6 – 8 weeks so please ensure you apply for membership early

Approved degrees

Your overseas degree must include a major in quantity surveying or cost economics. We do not approve degrees that are primarily engineering.

NZIQS approves the following overseas quantity surveying/cost economic degrees (a copy of your degree certificate is required):

·         all PAQS accredited degrees

·         all degrees and diplomas accredited by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS)

·         all quantity surveying degrees and diplomas accredited by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) for QS membership

·         all quantity surveying degrees and diplomas accredited by RICS for membership of the Construction QS Faculty

All other degrees are evaluated on a case by case basis by an academic advisor and we will require a transcript of the courses studied as well as a copy of the degree certificate.

Confirmation of membership and degree approval

If you are, or have applied to be, a member of NZIQS then we can assess your quantity surveying degree and provide a letter to you for NZ Immigration confirming that you are a Student member of NZIQS and that your degree is approved by NZIQS.

Send your request for a confirmation letter to the Executive Director.

NZ Experience

Once you have had 12 months' relevant quantity surveying work experience in New Zealand you will be eligible to apply for either Affiliate or MNZIQS membership depending on your overall QS experience.


Studying QS Overseas

If you are studying QS or Cost Economics overseas you can apply to become a Student member of NZIQS. Please note that if living overseas you can only apply for Student membership unless you have had 12 months' experience in New Zealand.


International Student Membership Fee

The fee for an international Student member is $65NZ per year and this fee is required to be paid before your application is accepted.

Apply for Student membership online and you will receive an invoice for the $65 fee which can be paid by credit card. Once this is paid your application will be sent to the next Membership Committee meeting for approval. If you do not pay the fee within one month of being invoiced your application will be deleted.


Moving Overseas

If you are already a member of NZIQS you can retain your current membership level while overseas. See here for the international NZIQS membership fees.

You can apply to upgrade your membership to Affiliate, Graduate or MNZIQS level providing you have met the criteria for each.