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Branches of the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors

NZIQS has branches in Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago.

The role of the branches

Each branch is run by a board of members. They are elected at the Branch Board AGM each year.

The role of the branches is to:

  • appoint one board member to represent them at the Institute’s Council
  • arrange for contact and interviews for new members in their areas
  • organise mentoring schemes for students
  • organise local seminars, site visits and social functions
  • liaise with other industry groups in their area. 


The Auckland branch covers the areas north of and including Rotorua and Whakatane. Two sub-branches run local events in Hamilton and Tauranga.

Auckland Branch Chairman: Heidi van Eeden

Auckland Branch Secretary: Sam Steven

Waikato Sub-branch Chairperson: Anita Crowe

Tauranga Contact: Martin Bisset


The Wellington branch covers the rest of the North Island. The Hawkes Bay has a sub-branch to run local events.

Wellington Branch Chairman: Brent Jefferys

Wellington Branch Secretary: 


The Canterbury branch is based in Christchurch.  It covers the area from Cook Strait in the north to the Waitaki River in the south.

Canterbury Branch Chair: Stewart Harrison

Canterbury Branch Secretary: Chris Andis


The Otago branch is based in Dunedin. It covers the area south of the Waitaki River. Sub-branches in Queenstown and Invercargill run local events.

Otago Branch Chairman:  James Young

Otago Branch Secretary:  Zach Pronk