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The NZIQS Council has given approval for the formation of a Research Group to support the institute in its Strategic Goals and Objectives. A committee has been formed with the initial meeting held last week with the following members having volunteered to form the committee – Sam Lomax, Jasper Mbachu, David Doherr, John Boon, Matthew Ensoll and Nicole Whitley.


The Goals & Purpose of the NZIQS Research Group are:

  • Investigate the critical problems the profession may have in the their routine business operations and proffer evidence based solutions that support competitiveness, business success and growth
  • Assuring the quality of QS research activities in New Zealand
  • Fostering the delivery of the strategic objectives of the NZIQS by commissioning and disseminating the findings of research
  • Promoting practical and industry relevant research in the New Zealand tertiary education sector
  • Engage the PAQS partners and wider research community and encourage new researchers
  • Leverage other research funding opportunities


Our first objective as a group is to survey the industry to establish the current key topics that could benefit from quality research. Please take a minute to answer the following six questions that will enable us to serve you.


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