Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA)

Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA)

The Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA) is a BRANZ led project based on a World Economic Forum report on “Shaping The Future of Construction”.

The ITA was presented to industry at the NZ Constructive Forum in August where there was “an overwhelming mandate to proceed with 97% of attendees saying there was an urgent need for industry transformation.”

NZIQS held a planning session in early 2017 to discuss the Future of Construction and many of the topics in the ITA were raised there by members. We encourage quantity surveyors to get involved in this conversation and will keep you update don the latest information.

Please register your details and areas of expertise on the ITA website to stay informed.

The initial work has been led by BRANZ together with Matt Crockett (Fletcher Buildings), David Kelly (Registered Master Builders Association), Warwick Quinn (BCITO), and Connal Townsend (Property Council New Zealand). This coalition has provided the following information about the ITA.


The goal of the ITA

As an industry we hear, and talk about, the same perennial issues. We are all familiar with the list – skills shortages, boom and bust cycles, procurement issues, risk aversion – and the list goes on. They’re all complex issues to resolve. As an industry, we have spent a lot of time working on these, usually in isolation.

The ITA is a tool for collaborating, organising and prioritising projects to affect meaningful change. It is based on the work of the World Economic Forum which developed a global transformation agenda for the construction sector..

Priority areas

At its core, the ITA outlines a framework for understanding our industry and the issues we face. Using this framework, we developed the following list of priorities for early action, informed by an industry survey and a workshop:

  • Improve the way that risk is allocated and managed across all parties in the value chain
  • Accelerate the successful adoption of new technologies
  • Use better information flows to improve productivity
  • Develop partnerships to create an integrated predictable planning system
  • Create greater collaboration across the value chain through shared learning and continuous improvement
  • Build the next generation of capability for the industry


We received some great feedback from Constructive participants about these priorities and the leadership team are meeting in to refine priorities further.

Our plan is to get three projects up and running over the next few months aligned to the priorities. Alongside this work, as outlined at Constructive, there are two other streams of work:

  • The establishment of a Chief Executive leadership forum to support and inspire leaders driving transformative change in our industry. Plans include hosting global transformation leaders such as the CE from Acconia in Spain and Siemens in Germany to share their insights on industry transformation and learn about our own progress.
  • Ongoing communication, to track and celebrate progress. Our website is the first step to this.

Get Involved

This work will take time before results become evident. Once we've achieved some successes, we will review progress as an industry and agree on the next set of priorities.

As we kick this into the next phase, we want you to be involved and stay informed. Please register your details and areas of expertise on our ITA website.

The ITA challenges us, as an industry, to take responsibility for the things we can change. I encourage all of you to be part of that change.

Chelydra Percy