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The Evolution of the Quantity Surveyor






12:00 PM


Quantity Surveying has gone through many changes over the years. Today, technology plays a part in the profession more than ever. But what does this mean for the traditional Quantity Surveyor and their methodologies?


In this webinar, we’ll be taking a walk down memory lane to look back at the history of the Quantity Surveying profession, and the historical methods once used to create a Bill of Quantities as accurately as possible. The session will be an interesting and informative look at the role’s evolution, as new technologies and tools became available and changed the face of the industry. By the session’s end, hopefully the new can understand the old and the old can understand the new; you might notice some uncanny similarities between the cutting-edge techniques of now and the older methods they replaced.  

Presented by Johnathan Mudrovcic MNZIQS.  Johnathan is a Senior Consultant in the New Zealand office of RIB Software, the makers of on-screen measuring and estimating software iTWO costX.

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This webinar is kindly sponsored by NZIQS Platinum Partners RIB

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