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12:00 PM (1:00 PM New Zealand Daylight Time)


He Pou a Rangi, the NZ Climate Change Commission, has declared the need for “strong and decisive action to address climate change… Transformational and lasting change across society and the economy will be needed, but the Commission’s analysis shows the tools to start the work to reach our targets and address climate change in Aotearoa already exist. To meet the Commission's proposed emissions budgets, Aotearoa does not need to rely on future technologies.”


Marcus Baker, Lead Designer at Apricus NZ Eco Energy, will examine the main renewable, low carbon technologies in use today for one of the most energy intensive aspects of any buildings - space heating and domestic hot water.  The webinar will provide you with: a high level understanding of the different renewable heating technologies; consideration for impact on whole building design and construction; case studies; what commissioning clients are asking in carbon, financial and risk analyses.


Marcus is Lead Designer and Managing Director at Apricus NZ Eco Energy. He has been delivering advice and practical solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable practices in the UK and New Zealand since 2004. At Apricus, Marcus focusses on designing and implementing practical solutions to deliver heating without worsening the climate crisis.  As Lead Designer, Marcus has expertise in wood pellet, solar thermal and heat pump technologies, choosing the best technical and financially viable solution or combination for each situation.


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