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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development or CPD, is a common tool used across many professions and trades as a means of continually educating and upskilling industry professionals and workers.   

Doctors, lawyers, dentists and vets all require CPD to maintain their professional registration and status.  Trades including plumbing, drainlaying and gasfitting use CPD to obtain and maintain their practicing licences and certificates.

All NZIQS members can undertake CPD

All NZIQS members are able to obtain CPD accreditation if they wish to enhance their knowledge and professional expertise. 

NZIQS provides CPD opportunities in the form of seminars, webinars and other educational events.  See the list below for more examples of other activities that can gain CPD points.

NZIQS members are also able to gain CPD opportunities offered by other organisations.  The events page on our website displays a list of educational events, most which qualify for CPD, offered by ourselves and others. 

As with a Reg. QS, you will need to keep a CPD diary (see below).

Registered Quantity Surveyors and CPD

NZIQS members who wish to be awarded Registered Quantity Surveyor (Reg. QS) status must undertake CPD accreditation every 3 years in order to receive and maintain their Reg. QS status.  This ongoing CPD ultimately leads to the person being recognised by the industry as a competent, credible and authoritative member of their profession.  

Members wanting accreditation will need to keep a CPD diary.  Download CPD Diary

Take this link to find out more about becoming a Registered Quantity Surveyor.

Who recognises the NZIQS CPD Scheme

The NZIQS CPD scheme is accredited by the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) which is a worldwide confederation of cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management societies.  Click here to for the ICEC accreditation page.  The logo of the ICEC appears below.

The CPD scheme is also endorsed by the member institutes of PAQS (Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors).  PAQS members are professional quantity surveying or cost engineering institutes In Asia and the Western Pacific region.  Click here to see current PAQS members.

What constitutes CPD?
  1. Attendance at NZIQS seminars and webinars, as well as events arranged by other professional organisations
  2. Preparing a seminar for presentation to fellow members and professionals 
  3. Professional reading
  4. Professional body participation including participation in branch or committee meetings, or presentations by other professional organisations
  5. Professional publishing or books or articles related to the industry
  6. Teaching (part-time tutors only) or guest lecturing at approved tertiary institutes
  7. Additional educational qualifications including postgraduate qualifications or business and management diplomas or degrees
  8. Mentoring for approved NZIQS mentors only under NZIQS guidelines
  9. Short course Education/Training including health and safety, business management etc
  10. Paper and article research in journals or academic publications
  11. Specialist work research can be undertaken by Directors/Managers who are responsible and accountable to a client 
  12. Dispute resolution for accredited NZIQS adjudicators 
  13. All other events not covered by the above categories