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The Code of Conduct of the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS)


Members of the NZIQS are governed by the rules of conduct set out in this Code, and by the Institute’s Constitution, Rules, and By-laws.

NZIQS Code of Conduct

NZIQS Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure

Members can complete an online Code of Conduct Test to ensure they understand and can apply the principles, values and behaviour expected of NZIQS members.

Candidates for MNZIQS membership are required to pass the Code of Conduct test before an interview is arranged.

Instructions for accessing the online NZIQS Code of Conduct test 

General standards of conduct

The Code gives general standards of conduct that all members of the Institute must follow.

Members who do not follow the code may be disciplined according to the Constitution and Rules.  In cases of unprofessional conduct not specifically covered by this Code, the Council will consider the individual circumstances.

The code applies to all members individually and collectively. 

A member may be considered to have breached this Code if their partners, fellow directors, employees or others acting for them broke the code with the member’s involvement or prior knowledge.

Be honest and fair

Members must always:

·         be honest and act with integrity

·         carry out their work with the high standards to be expected of a professional

·         treat others fairly, tolerantly and with respect

·         set a good example and uphold and improve the dignity, standing, and reputation of themselves, the quantity surveying profession and the Institute

·         follow any standard, policy, or order published by the Institute.

Give advice to professional standards

Give advice which is fully in accordance with normal professional standards.

Report breaches of this Code and of the law

Members must expose illegal or unethical conduct of another member, other quantity surveyor or allied professional person to the appropriate authorities.

Do not injure anyone’s professional reputation

Members must not injure the professional or personal reputation of another member, other quantity surveyor or allied professional person — directly or indirectly, deliberately, maliciously, falsely or unjustly.

Do not lie about your qualifications

Members must not misrepresent their professional qualifications.

Be fair if you’re commenting on the work of another member

Members must not comment on the work done, or fees charged by another member unless they are asked to in a professional capacity

In this case the member must to their best to inform the other member, to get all the facts, and to present their findings fairly, impartially and without bias or recrimination. The member’s review must be compatible with their terms of reference or their duty to their employer.

Conflict of interest

Members must announce any conflicts of interest

Members must tell an employer and/or client about any conflict or potential conflict of interest.

Members must not act where they would gain from a conflict of interest, as follows

Members must not hold or consciously accept a position in which their interest would be in conflict with their professional duties.

Unless the parties specifically agree, members must not act, whether for money or other benefit, for more than one party on a piece of work.

Members must not act in conflicting positions on the same works.

Members must not price any part of a Schedule of Quantities prepared in their office or at place of employment except on behalf of the client commissioning the original work, unless the client agrees.

Members must not price any Schedule of Quantities prepared by another firm for the same works, for more than one client.

Members must not have any significant financial interest, undisclosed to their client, in any organisation which they may deal with on behalf of their client.

Schedules of requirements for quantity surveying businesses

Follow the requirements of the Institute and of other professional groups or bodies

If you’re involved in a quantity surveying business as a shareholder or director of a corporation or limited liability company, or a partner of a partnership, the business must comply with the Institute’s Schedule of Requirements.

The business must also comply with the requirements or incorporation approved by another professional group, or a body that the Council approves, and whose requirements of incorporation are acceptable to the Council.

The company must not breach this Code

Members who are shareholders or directors of a limited liability company must make sure that the company does not break this Code.

False statements

Members must not knowingly make a false statement

Members must not knowingly prepare or certify any statement which is false, incorrect, misleading or open to misunderstanding. They must not write a misstatement, leave information out, or hide information.


The profession’s reputation depends on accuracy and good faith

One of the most valuable assets of the profession is its reputation for the accuracy and good faith the statements and certificates we prepare. Clients, employers, shareholders, investors, creditors and the public rely on this reputation. The utmost care and good faith are necessary to ensure the profession maintains the highest standards

In submitting any report, members must follow the highest standards of professional competency.


Members must not pass on confidential information

Members must not divulge without permission any information they have received during an assignment or engagement, or use it improperly.


Preserve the dignity of the profession

If members advertise, they should consider the dignity of the profession of quantity surveying.